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03. Child Custody/Parenting Time

Child Custody/Parenting Time

The most emotionally taxing element of a divorce or legal separation is the impact it will have on your child(ren). Bryan Blodgett, a father of four, knows how important it is to you that your parent/child relationship is left intact, and your parenting rights preserved. Through Bryan’s vast experience, he will outline a strategic approach that will provide an action plan to apply to your needs and to the equitable relief that is available. Bryan’s genuine concern and compassion provides the foundation stones for which he will aggressively advocate for you, with the goal of helping you navigate through this enormously difficult time.


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There are two types of legal custody in Oregon, sole and joint. The latter maybe ordered only if both parties agree. Frequently, because of the overall discord that is involved that has led to a divorce in the first place, parties are unable to effectively co-parent, which is vital to a working joint legal custody arrangement. With sole custody, one parent is designated with making the major decisions regarding the child, such as health care, education religious training, extracurricular activities, etc. Parenting time is a separate consideration. ORS 107.137 provides a number of factors that a court will consider in determining custody and an appropriate parenting plan. Bryan will help guide you with a strategic approach in approaching these two very important considerations.

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