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Covid-19 Impact of Pending Family Law Cases

How might Covid-19 have an impact on your family's law case?

On March 23, 2020 Governor Kate Brown issued a “stay home” order which details what businesses must close, activities prohibited and the penalties imposed for noncompliance. This shall remain in effect until further ordered. How does this impact family law related cases?

While there is quite an extensive laundry list of businesses impacted by the Governor's order, legal services are NOT a business included in that list.

Irrespective, Covid-19 will continue to impact the operation of family law cases, as well as other legal proceedings. Our local circuit court is currently operating at half capacity. Cases set for hearings and trials have recently postponed and will be rescheduled. Currently, "in person" hearings are being limited to motion for immediate danger, parenting time enforcement, protective orders and any other proceedings that are truly an emergency. As to future impact, cancellations and how long this may continue, it remains unclear. This is a very fluid situation. Suffice to say if you have a current matter pending anticipate some delay.

Family law cases and motions related therein are still being filed. Given the current situation we are scheduling telephone or video call appointments. I am available to consult with you and help you navigate through a divorce, child custody, and any other family law matters.

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